What We Do

Plan Bee Now! Helping Our Community Scale Up ‘BEE FRIENDLY’

1. Education and extension
• Public Speaking
• Pollinator Conservation and Habitat Restoration Training Workshops
(Half to Full Day, 30 hour full training program)
• Bee friendly Habitat Demonstration Projects (urban and rural locations)
• Pollinator Habitat Assessments (Free)
• Pollinator and Pollination Trouble Shooting

2. Design assistance for BEE FRIENDLY Gardens, Parks, Farms and Roadsides

3. Plants & seeds for native pollinators
• Seed production contracting and collection,
• Seed mix formulation
• Supplier sourcing

4. Pollinator habitat installation assistance

We are here to create reliable, economical sustainable pollination over the whole landscape mimicking pollination in natural landscapes, from a bees eye view.

Bee friendly technology can be applied to lawns, gardens, parks, boulevards and roof tops including integrated city block and apartment planting projects.

In rural areas we apply pollinator friendly technology to farmland hedgerows, field borders, intercrop, rotations, cover crops; seed mix trials, including orchard & vineyard floors and connecting roadsides and protected areas.

Do you want to help All our bees?

  1. Take a half day workshop to learn to see our bees and provide them with what they really need in our gardens and on our farms
  2. Participate in a Great Big Bee Garden Challenge Project coordinated by Plan Bee Now!
  3. Sign up to Grow Seeds and Plants for Bees

For more information contact:

Ted Leischner, B.Sc.
Pollinator Conservation & Habitat Restoration Specialist
Duncan, BC V9L 2R6
Phone: 250 510-4490 Email: [email protected]