Websites about what you can do to help ALL species of our bees (native bees and honey bees), bee pollinator research, native bee habitat restoration technology in your yard, park or on your farm:

Xerces Society of Invertebrate Conservation   Specific guidelines on how to create bee friendly landscapes on farms, gardens, parks, roadsides, roof tops. Looking for list of power plants for bees?  Check out     Call Ted if you get need more information.

Canadian Pollination Initiative   Quality Canadian research on pollinators and pollination across Canada and more.

Pollinator Partnership  All kinds of fun stuff related to pollinators including posters. Sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date

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  1. Robin Fitzg. says:

    Greet looking site Ted!
    I think we can turn the tide if we only worry about our own contribution, and not get overwhelmed by the worry that everyone else is also doing their part.
    Individually encouraging Osmia bees, even if it’s every other orchard, or in the backyard, is the best backup plan, as the almond growers of Michigan demonstrate.
    Your adventures are included in, “The Art of Butterflying”. Robin Fitzg.

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