Hello West Coast Bee-Friendly BC!

Plan Bee Now! has awakened after a long hibernation.  First check out my Links page for great information sources on bee conservation and bee gardens, seed for bees etc

I can’t believe how fast things have changed in North American and the World on the Bee Conservation Scene. Bee decline of all species has cascaded to Code Red.  The honey bee is no longer the prime pollinator of choice. Orchardists, berry growers and vegetable growers have switched to a new strategy, supported by tonnes of research by researchers like Dr. Claire Kremen, Univ Calif, Berkeley, to increase the probability of pollination happening, call sustainable pollination.  More on this coming later!

It’s about , creating a landscape around food crops that provides for the needs of all bee species especially our indigenous bees. We have 200 species of these on Vancouver Island and 450 species of antive bees on the main land. How lucky can we get!   There is a Catch 22 though. The native bees are only as powerful as the quality of their habitat is to provide abundant nesting sites, pollen and nectar. So we are back to the same old killers of bees: lack of food due to run away land development, lack of nesting sites, pesticides, and bee diseases.  And being organic, says new research, does not guarantee that you are feeding all your bees properly.  Also note that this same research is showing how honey bees and native bees work together to do a fantastic job of pollination under difficult conditions e.g. a windy day.

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