Building Bee-Friendly Landscapes Workshop Coming to VIU Continuing Ed September 2013

A New Course to Save ALL Our Bees – Building Bee-Friendly Landscapes

VIU Continuing Education Course ID: HGBL 001

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Course Description:

Discover the world of native bees and their wild habitat. This course presents the new sustainable pollination strategy to manage bee decline in our own gardens, farms, parks and roadsides. Discover pollination biology; industry trends; common native bees and their life cycles; habitat; landscape maintenance practices; west coast appropriate plant lists; bee garden designing principles; and retrofitting bee-friendly landscapes in urban and rural settings. Suitable for gardeners, farmers, beekeepers, landscape architects, city planning and policy departments, parks and roadside maintenance personnel, biodiversity conservation and ecological restoration professionals.

Where:  VIU(Duncan Campus)

When:  September 21 to October 05 ; Three Saturdays 13:00 – 15:00  for total of 6 hours

Fee: $65 + $3.25 GST


Ted LeischnerPollinator Conservation and Habitat Restoration Specialist

Note:  This course is a serious introductory course on the topic. Half day to full day workshops are planned to be presented more in season (when flowers and bees are more active and field planting exercises are possible. These sessions will be equivalent to the Xerces Society For Invertebrate Conservation Workshops for farmers and Gardeners available in the US. Actual pollinator habitat will be installed during these classes.

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