Bee Petition Sheet to help all pollinators in Canada 2017

Here is the Bee petition drafted by Don Davies MP Vancouver Kingsway asking our government for a National Strategy for Pollinator Conservation and Health for Canada. I have been working with the support of Alistair MacGregor MP Malahat Langford Cowichan on this for the last several months.  It is not a petition that can be signed on-line. It is a sheet to take to our communities across Canada to be signed by individuals one line at a time. Mail completed signature sheets to Ottawa for free.  Don will present his signed petition sheets in support of his motion on the floor of our Canadian Parliament in the Spring of 2017.  What a National Strategy does is set out objectives, a plan and an adequate budget to get the job completed properly including: community outreach and extension, habitat restoration and research. Thank you for supporting our Canadian Pollinators. I love our pollinating insects and flowering plants that give us so much, right?

England’s Pollinator Strategy can be found here. The US Pollinator Partnership Action Plan 2016 is here.


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