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Xerces Bumblebee Watch Coming Soon

I just was informed by Dr. Sheila Colla of a new exciting bumblebee watch program being launched coordinated thru the Xerces Soceity For Invertebrate Conservation in June 2013 which will include sitings for ALL North American Species. It is supported … Continue reading

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Hello West Coast Bee-Friendly BC!

Plan Bee Now! has awakened after a long hibernation.  First check out my Links page for great information sources on bee conservation and bee gardens, seed for bees etc I can’t believe how fast things have changed in North American … Continue reading

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Saving Bees Requires Immediate Attention

  Welcome to my new Plan Bee Now! website focused on ending bee pollinator decline, a serious ecological tragedy that threatens future food security and ecological health. Our mission is simple: more bees and bee habitat wherever it can … Continue reading

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